TezoSteam Investors pool

Hello everyone

Exciting times ahead. TezoSteam was able to become one of the biggest bakeries with a top-tier service.

We are now even rated as #1 by www.tzrate.com, but now we are close to our “cap” before becoming overdelegated, and we don’t want to. Our current investment can sustain about 7.5 Millions tezzies, and we are getting close

Hopefully, we shown that you can trust us many times during these months, and we like to play in advance. Therefore we decided to open our bond to external investors in order to share our revenues with them.

The (juicy) deal we offer

  • 0% fee on your stake as soon as you send your tezzies. That’s an immediate gain
  • We split the net revenues with the investors as soon as we use their bond
  • Rewards are paid to external KT1 account or reinvested (your call)
  • Final ROI depends on total staking coins exactly as for a delegator, but may be even 100% or more higher

On the downside:

  • You have to send us your tezzies. That means that you have to trust us 100%
  • The coins will be available with a 30 day notice, cause we can’t simply remove your bond (that will be used!) without consequences

This service is highly- personalized. Therefore we won’t discuss further details in a public post.

There is just one limit: we will give priority to investors with at least 40K tezzies. The direct relationship is an important part of this opportunity and we can’t accept low balances — sorry! But feel free to ask for more info.

If you wish to invest, please contact us on




Thanks everyone!