This Dystopian Life

I like it, but I think it’s a little misguided in that — and I think you mention this, and so it confuses me even more — humans are in this together. We’re united as a race for barely anything, and most often that’s when we’re coerced by government, like war. Humans are about fulfilling their Maslow hierarchical needs, and then enjoying what they can after that. As selfish as that sounds, it’s kind of expected. I won’t say it’s right, but it’s pretty close to it. When I read this, I imagined a fat guy in a tank top with a receding hairline, watching daytime Cops reruns while he empties a bag of chips. It bothers me to think that’s the average American, and hopefully I’m wrong. I think, similarly to you, that people should be activity involved in a good cause in their leisure time; something that improves the quality of life for a stranger. But most people don’t. It would be great if everyone did, even better if the majority could be united in causes. However, that’s hard to do; not unrealistic, just hard. The good thing is that the tide is turning and consumers are not just buying ethically resources and produced goods, but buying from companies that contribute to causes that benefit others. Millennials in particular lead the way on this. So it’s not impossible for us to be united, it just takes the right pathos, logos, ethos, and especially kyros. Maybe if this is the direction we’re going it’ll eventually be mainstream enough to have global effects (hopefully none that further empower governments).

I guess what I’m saying is that people don’t cooperate much after they’ve had their needs met. And they’ll do anything to have them met. You brought up the health of the planet, and I think it relates that the worst polluters are in small, rural areas. Places like Somalia and India where poverty reigns, they often dump entire trash bags in rivers and shorelines because they either don’t know about or aren’t afforded sanitation resources. A good portion of the pollution comes from these third-world coastal countries. Thankfully, Delhi just outlawed disposable plastic (, and some enterprising souls in the private sector are creating alternatives to help the earth ( So, there’s even more hope, but I’m concerned that unity will develop into tyranny and more world-policing. THAT is when it becomes unethical to be ethical.

And maybe I’ve missed your point entirely.

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