Jonathan’s Top Five Business Questions Answered this Week: 6/3/2017- 6/8/2017

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5. Can anyone share a story of companies and businesses rising up to an issue better than policy makers?


Jonathan’s Answer-I believe that to be true. The reason why is because for one, every one has a voice…whether that to be arguably so or not is irrelevant. EVERYONE loves a good story, however that story gets leaked to the public…

…ultimately it does have an influence. So if we are trying to make a compelling case on how businesses are able to rise up to any issue, it is possible…

… My question is, in what way are you trying to get that message out there. & how do you plan on delivering it? Also, what type of impact are you trying to have with that message in contrast to policy makers?

4. My girlfriend is asking me to choose between my startup and her. What should I do?


Jonathan’s Answer- The best way to answer this question is to step back and ask a very important question… If I had to strip away everything in my life and focus on only one thing for the next 349 days straight, what would it be…my girl friend, or my business? By the way, why did you decide to create a start up in the first place? To impress your girl friend? or create freedom for yourself? SO what is more important to you? This is kind of a cringe worthy question because, I feel like this should be obvious, at the end of the day you are the last person that will be with you every single night for the rest of your life for certain, so why would anyone compromise there own values or decisions for any one else? The fact that someone would have an ultimatum about this is quite mind boggling to say the least..

(Fun Fact- This Legendary picture was taken the same year I decided to change my life forever, get out the military and become a full fledge Entrepreneur!) — Sep 2014

3. What is the business model at Google+?


Jonathan’s Answer: Google makes Ninety Five percent of their revenue from advertising. In other words…Ad sense, all of those ads you see across those search engines and websites. That’s where Google rakes in their dough.. Now understand its an enormous opportunity for them, because they are the largest website on the internet and they have a massive amount of data and resources to leverage…Google has Power. Just understand there business model is Advertising. They are selling Space, just like Times Square.

2. When is the right time for a growing, profitable, & scalable business to allow investors to come into the business?


Jonathan’s Answer: The right time is always now. My question would be what is your goal? How much money are you trying to make, and how fast are you looking to make it? Do you have a valuable enough exchange in return for that money? If you so do you have a plan expressed in continuous action? If you do then, that is all the information you need to share with investors for them to give you money now. If that is what you are trying to do. Also, How can you benefit them? Because keep in mind thats all they want to here anyway, so as you are telling them these things, keep in mind they are filtering what you are saying through those lens “whats in this for me” What you need to figure out is, how can you increase profits to your share holders. Sound fair enough?
  1. What are some early signs to recognize your startup is in trouble?


Jonathan’s Answer: When you are finding yourself in these long stretches, I mean weeks if not months of pure un creativeness. I believe that is the death blow because, what makes a business successful is constant optimization to the sales department/process as well as innovation and edge every step of the way. With out these elements or cash flow. The Start Up is in trouble. BUT momentum can be regathered, through diligent hard work, seriousness and determination. It can also be revived because anything is possible, whether it may be through the same branding or another. An idea can be revamped and reintroduced to the market.

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