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Trent Lapinski

“I am purposely writing in a way that appeals to both the left and the right, and use words and phrases often associated with both and combine them. I am doing this on purpose so that people from either party can read my writing and find some common ground.”

I applaud your effort and intention as I stated earlier. I simply don’t see many people from the left finding common ground with your approach, and when you are putting them down with saying things like “I seriously question anyone who voted for Hillary Clinton, and suddenly claims to be a progressive.”

What you’re essentially saying here is that there are barely any progressives in the United States. It negates anyone who despite ardently supporting Bernie Sanders, suddenly stopped being a progressive when they bit their lip and voted for Clinton, when in reality they voted AGAINST Trump more so than they voted for Clinton. You’re alienating yourself from a huge huge portion of Americans.

“I haven’t seen this progressive movement of resistance you speak of.”

Doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. I can see it plain as day.

“So no, I do not support Hillary Clinton supporters, I do not support Neo-liberals, and I will not be joining their establishment “resistance”.

These people do not share my values, and I question who they think they are on the political spectrum despite how they label themselves. I value freedom of speech, nonviolence, and I do not support politically correct ideologies or identity politics. I consider anyone who uses these tactics to be a Neo-liberal. I am just as opposed to them as I am Neo-conservatives, if not more so because they actually stole an election from a progressive candidate I believe had some serious potential to do some good in this world.”

I find it extremely odd that in your characterization of Ne0-Liberals you have left out the defining characteristic of neoliberalism. I’m now wondering when the last time you actually took a political theory class, or where you are even getting this idea that neo-liberalism is A. Anti-freedom of speech, B. Violence, and C. Identity politics. Neoliberalism is mainly rooted in political economic theory. It is about free market capitalism and smaller-state intervention. I truly do not think you are using the term the way it is typically meant to be used.

The term you want is establishment democrats. I believe the vast majority of the American people who pulled the lever for Hillary Clinton believe in freedom of speech and non-violence, same goes for the Trump supporters. Identity politics is a bit more widespread on both the right and the left. To say that one side or the other engages in it more is a futile discussion.

It’s totally fine for you to slam the the establishment democrats and conservatives (they are both actually neoliberals when you use the correct definition of the term)

I want them out too. However they are not all neo-liberals. They are not all corrupt. To blanket all establishment Democrats or Republicans is simply not nuanced. Imo to find common ground between the left and the right, one must establish a separation between the common citizen and political elites.

“If you cannot see that, then you’re not paying attention.”

Please for the love, stop being conditional and condescending. If someone does’t see things the way you see them, they aren’t paying attention? I’m seeing that you are regularly grouping unique humans together at the stroke of the pen without any regard for their individuality. Twice you use the words domestic terrorism to describe some kids who broke windows and beat a few people up. Interesting how you don’t point out any right-wing terrorism either…..Terrorism is a regularly used word in this country to describe Islamic extremists who are blowing people up with suicide bombs, and you’re now trying to loosely attach it to the left while at the same time purporting to write for a broad audience.

“ hating Trump and his supporters is not a policy, it is a political carnival being put on by a dying establishment I want dead.”

You forgot to mention that hating Clinton and her supporters is not a policy, it is a political carnival being put on by a dying establishment I want dead.

Or, you could have said “Hating politicians and their supporters is not a policy, it is a political carnival being put on by a dying establishment I want dead.

You know, if like you really did care about “unity” or “common ground” like you claim to.

“ Meanwhile, I have not told anyone who feels the need to resist to not participate in the process, I’ve merely asked them to question who is funding the protests they’re attending and what those billionaires and celebrities intentions are. I’m then encouraging people to work locally and start their own grassroots movements instead of supporting the very people who undermined the 2016 election in the first place.”

Actually you have told them not to. You basically said stop marching for billionaire’s. And implicitly whenever we make a stand ourselves, we are signaling to our fellow human that this is what we support, that its okay to copy our behavior. We are creatures of habit, we copy others.

People are working locally and starting their own grassroots movement. I have worked solely with other grassroots activists for over a decade on mostly environmental issues. I’ve traveled to Standing Rock to help my sister in what is the largest environmental grassroots movement ever in the history of the United States and probably the planet. I am every day trying to educate people about the Standing Rock movement. Going to rallies (not funded), meetings (not funded), art parties (not funded), and the list goes on.

I am volunteering with Food and Water Watch to shut down Aliso Canyon Natural Gas storage facility. Why? Because it was the site of the largest natural gas leak in US history. Thousands of Porter Ranch residents have had to move. Thousands are sick and are still getting sick. Did I research who is funding Food and Water Watch? No, you know what, I don’t really have time, because I know when I look into the residents faces and hear their voices on the phone, I know they are hurt, their families are hurt. I know that they have been poisoned by natural gas, that it isn’t some giant conspiracy by hospitals and doctor’s to fake illnesses. I know the gas tanks are some 80 years old. I know the SoCalGas company manipulated a gas shortage to try to reopen this dangerous facility. So I do something, I show up, I help call volunteers, show up to public hearings, write politicians and encourage others to do the same. I don’t just tell other people what to do, I actually do the things I talk about.

So you say you judge people based on actions, but all I’m reading from you is words. Words that don’t make much sense. Made up words like “establishment resistance” or “the revolution will not be organized”

Martin Luther King Jr. said “Those who love peace must learn to organize as effectively as those who love war”

So I’m going to have to side with MLK Jr. on this one. And my brothers and sisters at Standing Rock, who have in the face of all odds, created an astounding movement based on peace, love and protection of our most precious resource, water.

The revolution is of the heart, not the mind. It is about letting go of the social constructs and manipulations of the material world. It is happening all around you if you wish to see, and I’m certain you will see it one day especially if you continue to live in SF Bay Area.

It starts from within though, it is not funded by any establishment anyone, it is not right-wing nor left-wing. It is merely about re-connecting with that part of yourself which most makes you human. For me, that is the real revolution which must take place in order for the social change leading to sweeping political change can take place.

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