Love Is the guiding energy that binds us all together. Love is the source of life, of all creation that is present in every living thing. Its in every drop of water, every blade of grass and every breath of wind. Love is universal but at the same time unique. We all have our own very unique manifestation of love, but at the same time we share a common understanding of our relationship to love. Its through that uniqueness and diversity that makes life and love so beautiful. No two palms are the same, whether it be the tree or our hands. No two eyes are the same which makes every human a living portrait to behold in wonder and amazement.

Its through that magic of diversity that nature thrives intelligently. Always open to a new experience, always searching for new life, new meaning, and new adaptation to the ever-changing landscape of time. Love is creation and therefore it is creative, always striving for improvement and increasing the infinite possibilities that lay ahead of us. Love is infinite, it is eternal. Love is about the balance of both the gift one gives of love and the allowance of the reception of love. Its about perception and begins with our ability to find love everyday in every way, in every interaction with each other, with ourselves and with our environment. It doesn’t have to be verbal in the “I love you’s”. It could be in a nod, a wink, a handshake or a smile. It could be when someone opens the door for you. It could be the suns warmth illuminating the glory that is earth and protecting us from the cold dark expanse of space. Its in the breeze that brings with it that hint of saltiness from the ocean. Its in our food, from seedling to harvest, then to the kitchen and into our bellies, touched with love by all the living creatures who made the journey both possible and delicious.

Feeding others is the greatest food which one can feed oneself. Love is in the knowing that another has received what you have gotten. Life is a gift, a precious gift to be shared for all eternity. So please share, please share your love in every way imaginable, in every one of your unique expressions. Be bold, be fearless for love cannot be stopped, it cannot be contained. Love is like water, it will flow and fill the emptiness in every nook and cranny, through every crack and crevice. Let love guide your actions whether big or small and it will overflow from your heart and back into your heart. Let love overcome you with joy and seep out your pores into the air to be carried away by that gentle ocean breeze so that others may bask in its divinity. Do not be afraid of not getting it back, of not receiving that gift which you have given, for it is in that fear that we hold back our love for each other and for ourselves. And then the cycle gets weakened and the love faucet turns to a drip, the forests turn to desert and our thirst becomes desperate.

We are always being offered love, just not always in the way we want it, but always in the way we need it. Nature has a design, a design more intelligent, more complex, and more purposeful than we could possibly imagine. Trust in that design. Trust in the process. Trust in yourself, in your instincts. Not in your mind, but in your gut and in your heart. You are a divine spiritual being, designed by the greatest engineers and architects to ever exist, by an ever changing science that has been worked on for eons and eons. Your heart will guide you, as it guides us all, for we are all connected. Love is in the all-knowing, the ever present, the cosmic consciousness. Love sees all, it feels all, it provides for all. Love is, it just IS, so let it be.