Man, once again I’m speechless.
Trent Lapinski

Trent, if there’s one thing you are not it’s speechless. The word you were looking for is incredulous. Speechless should be the antecedent to an absence of speech, not to your armchair amateur psycho-analysis.

Fwiw, the word is “deconstruct”, not destruct, but maybe this is a freudian slip as it really appears you aren’t interested in responding to anything I have to say but more so to your perception of who I am. So maybe its not a perceived mistake but in fact your very intention is to destroy my ideas?

I’d rather give the benefit of the doubt. Like I said before, I think you do mean well, and I take what you say at face value. It’s simply that I think you are very contradictory in how you interact with people who disagree with you versus those who agree with you.

What I’m noticing from your multiple writings and interactions is this tone of superiority and condescension. It’s not even just in your direct responses to me and to others, but in your writing style as a whole. I’ve alluded to this in prior responses but you offer no evidence that you acknowledge this viewpoint. You project this noble quality of unity that you’d like to see between the left, the right and all those in between, but in practice I’m not seeing your communication as working towards this goal, in fact its more of the opposite.

You want to characterize me fine. For whatever reason I could care less. I merely want people to be able to look at themselves truthfully and honestly. To dig deep and understand what their message is and how it is being perceived. Right now your most recent message comes off as though you’re not willing to empathize with those people who Trump is negatively impacting with his policies and with his rhetoric. It’s as if he hasn’t done anything yet that is cause for concern, and that in and of itself is concerning from a progressive perspective.

I share your sentiment of “blowing up the system”, but not in the same way you frame it. It seems as though you’re content with him rebuilding the system to fit his ideological framework (and that of Steve Bannon and Stephen Miller). That’s just not going to jibe with anyone on the left, but you don’t seem to address that at all in your writing.

When you attack other’s reality and dismiss their experience this is precisely creating the division you preach against. The reality of realities is that every individual has their own unique reality, one only they can see. So you can’t say to the left, “well you have to acknowledge where the right is coming from”, but then at the same time attack the left and say “your reality isn’t real”

Look, I don’t hate you, or the alt-right, or libertarians, or anyone really. My apologies if that’s the message that came across. I have many hardcore altright trump supporters on my twitter feed that have called me all kinds of standard practice right-wing insults. I understand that they and you to a certain degree only are able to see me through a stereotype they have created in their mind based on information about other people they try to compare me too. It’s fine, I don’t begrudge you that. I would just like to see you practice what you preach and to not undermine the current progressive effort of resistance. The vast majority of Americans who are resisting Trump are doing so at their own expense and in very concrete and tangible ways that can hold politicians accountable, create space for new leaders and empower people who have never before been politically active to engage and feel like they are doing something. This is important, but telling them that their efforts are solely to help the establishment and that basically they should sit back and ride out the storm before organizing is kind of like spitting in their face.

I truly hope that you practice what you preach. That you practice inclusion and understanding of your readers in both your posts and individual responses. I hope that you understand no matter how much you claim to be who you say you are, you are never going to be perceived as that person to the masses, for every person is going to see you through their unique perspective. You can’t please everyone, but the more you operate from this superior moral standpoint, the more that people will become turned off from your message, no matter how progressive or pure it is.

Best of luck…and I mean that sincerely

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