Social Media and Self-Acceptance

Sharing the link to my website on social media was somewhat difficult for me. I’ve always been a very private person and the thought of sharing my intimate thoughts in this way makes me cringe. Seriously, I’m cringing right now. My will and desire to grow as a person drive me forward, and push me to be transparent in a way that enables me to fully accept the realest parts of myself. I am a collage of the awkward, quirky, weird, and imperfect things that make me unique. And, the most brilliant parts of me are still being polished.

Self-acceptance is increasingly difficult in a world where personalities are constructed on social networks. Values get traded for “likes” and identities get trapped in a world-wide web of confusion. Scrolling through timelines of curated realities, leads to feelings that can only be expressed with emoji’s, because words start to escape us. Becoming dependent on that type of glory can easily lead to a path of emptiness.

Living for likes isn’t living at all. When we lose focus of our journey, we may end up living someone else’s life feeling miserable, unfulfilled, and stuck. When I took time away from social media, I did it so that I could focus on accepting of the parts of me that didn’t appear on my profile. It was then that I started to realize the scale of the emotional roller-coaster ride that came along with social media.

Every scroll is an interaction and with every interaction we absorb energy. Within a matter of minutes, we experience a range of emotions after reading a headline, status update, news article, or viewing images and videos. At times, we compare ourselves to others based on the lives that they curate online and begin to measure our success and failure based on theirs. This is totally unhealthy and that’s when it’s time to unplug and reset.

Comparing ourselves to others is never a good thing because each of us has a different journey. Getting to know ourselves better, can lead to stronger confidence, a refined world view, and nurtures self-acceptance and understanding. Always remind yourself that you bring something beautiful to the world because there is only one version of you. Your oddities, strengths, and weaknesses make you original. And “an original is worth more than a copy”.


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