A$AP Mob: Cozy Tapes 2-Album Review

First things first, pour up for A$AP Yams. Regardless of how things are moving in the wider music sphere, hip-hop artists — particularly those that run in collectives — are prominently know for staying in there lane. Right now, every rapper’s management team is in the process of creating some sort of “woke” image for their star. Artists are eager to make it appears there’s an element of depth and quality to their work. Hip-hop has a historical relationship with reacting to the political and social era in which it’s made, and while Trump diss tracks is the go to wave right now. A$AP Mob doesn’t feel the need to let the current political climate define their sound.

While that subject matter does influence A$AP. To true A$AP die-hard fans, it’s another matter. And that is exactly who this album is for. As you delve deeper into it, it becomes clear that Too Cozy wasn’t made for the approval of critics. It’s a passion project disguised as an LP. In terms of a cohesive body of work, the total number of tracks, guests and verses from not particularly great rappers is discouraging, however, there are plenty of gems on this album. A$AP Rocky is once again, unsurprisingly, the star of the show and often the highlight of each track he graces. Ferg’s energy and vocal pliability aren’t far behind. Frank Ocean’s two verses steal the show on a track (“RAF”) that also includes Rocky, Lil Uzi Vert and Quavo. Gucci and Chief Keef float. Sidebar: Frank, can we please get a rap album!?

In hindsight, there are enough positives to outweigh the negatives, and Too Cozy is the best compilation album I have heard in five years. There are elements of Too Cozy that feel like a step up from its predecessor, especially when it comes to its contemporary production style and exposition of young talented rappers. But it’s hard to ignore its lack of conception and vision. Instead, it’s best to listen once, pick it apart and find your favorites, then put those tracks in your shuffle rotation. Too Cozy is full of promising tracks that are bound to go the distance; it’s just a case of finding them.

Grade: B

Best Song: RAF (Frank bodied this,TWICE!!!)