Smell the fake flowers of corporate responsibility

So without the classist use of business terminology, I feel business, the world we live in; business, does not really have our true well being in mind.

I emphasize the use of the words business and world interchangeably because if you really think about it — they are they same thing.

What are you doing with your life if in some shape of form you are not contributing to this matrix?

I heard someone say it is really difficult to achieve continuous business growth without leaving humanity behind.

What do they mean? Well… a company that is planning on building an amazing product that is going to change the “world” and help improve the efficiency of our lives — has shareholders.

That`s it.

Anyway! So the heading, fake flowers, here are some examples:

  1. Tobacco company giving people jobs and a livelihood — but killing the customers slowly
  2. A restaurant feeding tons of customers daily — but using harmful chemicals in the making or preservation of foods.
  3. The cellphone company helps me connect with family and friends from across the globe in a second — but kills my cells.

What I might be talking about here is a losing battle? Or it might be a nudge to motivate you to look up at the stars once in a while and realize that this world we have created is built on theory and so is not practical for Earth.

Business or the “world” as you now know it is extraterrestrial.

This is the virtual reality.

But okay, so you take off those VR glasses and wake up… then what?

I don't know! Can Earth(real) life and business co-exist? I don`t think so. We would need to evaluate which is most important, and then force the lesser of the two to evolve into a servant for the prime choice.

Or have we done that already?

The title of this post is very ‘of this world’ — and I hope it doesn't distract from what I am trying to show you.

Let us start to consider the long term effects of our decisions as humanity by starting to SMELL the ‘free’ fake flowers we are given, and SEE.