Medium: A Publisher's Perspective
Frederic Filloux

Good post… a different perspective than most of the recent Medium advocates.

I have two concerns. The first is one that’s been with us a long time: shift to a hosted service that you don’t control (be it Medium or Facebook) and you leave a big “?” as to where your content will reside, and under what conditions, down the road.

The other is quality. Medium reminds me of Quora. In its early days Quora gained caché, and attracted lots of bright minds into its publishing environment (a simple Q&A). Of course over time this attracted the masses, most not nearly as bright as the early participants. The result is that Quora today is a useless stream of chatter for most topics covered. It is certainly no longer a “destination.”

So what we’re left with is a technology that hosts blog entries of widely varying quality. Isn’t that Wordpress redux? What am I missing?

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