What do you do?

Principles, Methods and Systems.

My 3 year old daughter sparked some ideas that have occupied my mind for days now. All she did was ask one simple question: “Daddy, If you go to work, what do you do?”.

Now I’ve done short elevator pitches at business network meetings before. I found a catchy phrase to headline my LinkedIn Profile. I spoke to various audiences about what it is I do for work and how I do it. But answering a three year old proved to be a challenge.

I struggled to come up with an answer that was understandable for her, and complete for me. I needed to zoom out of the details, and see the elephant in the room. After all, you do not fully understand anything unless you can explain it in simple terms, let’s say to a three-year-old, right?

I could have told her I train or coach people, they work-out with me. I could have told her I do spinal manipulations, mobilise joints, talk a lot with my clients. I could have told her that I try to diagnose why people are under-performing or in pain. “I combine logic and narrative reasoning to try to understand the person and the problem they seek help for.”

These would all be fine examples of what’s in a days work for me. But frankly, they would just be examples of what the end result could be of applying a systematic approach, my system.

I could have told her that when someone with a personal problem comes to me for help, I run through a series of actions aimed at diagnosing the exact problem. I talk, examine, refer for further diagnostics and conclude what is possibly wrong. These diagnostic actions result in a clear diagnosis and plan for treatment, which would be gathered in all the therapeutic actions.

This would be describing my method, “to identify and address limiting factors of physical performance”, which is built up from all the different systems.

But my final answer was as simple as could be.

“I move people to take them to a level of physical performance where they can not take themselves.”

That would be the principle I apply where- and whenever I go to work. All I had to do afterwards, was update my LinkedIn and figure out by which age I would tell my daughter about Simon Sinek’s circles.. After all, Principles, Methods and Systems are just my translation of Why, What and How.

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