Copyright is a form of IP protection… in fact it’s the original form of IP.
Parker O'Brien

The right to copy something tangible that is owned by someone else is not the same thing as owning an intangible idea. Besides, you just said it was a form of intellectual property protection, not the same thing as intellectual property. I guess I am confused with where you are going with this. If you are just trying to prove that I don’t know what I am talking about, then I am done. Our socioeconomic constructs are fluid, and agreeing on how to fairly share our nation’s resources is something that is constantly changing. We used to be a nation that allowed chattel slavery, but we have changed the way we understand property, and no longer allow the ownership of people through our current rule of law. If you want to discuss ideas on how we can change the way we own and share our nation’s resources in ways that are more fair than our current socioeconomic constructs I am open to that.

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