I am a Woman. You are a Trans Woman. And That Distinction Matters.

liv i am a black transwoman, i transitioned at 13yrs old, I will be 36 tomorrow. When i walk down the street I dont have anyone questioning what’s between my legs, at least not outwardly. I could and would bet money on me coming into any space with you, interacting with you, and you would find that you connect more with me on things, than you don’t. At the end of the day i get your frustration and I hear you saying you will fight to do this and fight to do that but don’t deny your struggle, but picking us apart,when we are all just different types of women, thats just a stagnation on the movement . Especially when being black and being trans is a death sentence in this country . I also want to say no one is born a woman..you become one.. Ive raised 3 children, I have kept my household and been a great partner to my spouse . I became a woman because of my experiences. like you I was a rape victim, like many mothers I had to raise a kid at a very young age. Ive had my days of ripping and running to schools and meetings, sacrificing without a glance for my loved ones and always in my natural feminine essence and approach..you are 23..ive lived longer a woman than you have, that doesnt make you any less of , any better than, or that your suffrage isnt legit. I know many of you are JUST experiencing this “transgender unveiling” what with Caitlyn Jenner, and all of the social media expose’s, but we’ve been here, struggling alongside of you, to get that position, using the same bathrooms with no issue, as i said before ripping and running in and out of those meetings,trying our damndest not to get accosted when we’re walking down the street. Never letting go even when we know that something is bigger than us,but its that which makes us women. that strength ..that is what we should be doing strengthening the bonds..thats how WE become the power that we should be . We have the same oppressor , i cant help being me just like you cant help being you..it would seem only logical that we not polarize .