How to increase the mileage on your running shoes

Running shoes do not come cheap, especially not when you buy brand shoes at a specialist store. Increasing the mileage of your running shoes can therefore be a good way to save money, and you will see that it is rather easy to do.

Tip 1: Only use your running shoes for running

It sounds obvious but once you have bought nice fitting shoes you might notice they are much more comfortable than other shoes you own. But wearing your shoes for activities like driving your car or going for groceries will result in extra wear and tear and will limit the lifespan of your shoes. To get the best mileage out of your shoes you should limit using them to running only.

Tip 2: Let your shoes dry completely

Your shoes will get wet when you run; both from stepping in puddles and from sweat dripping down. If you don’t let your shoes dry properly before using them again the overall support they give will be diminished. Besides, once fungus or molt gets into your shoes the damage can be even worse. Always let your shoes dry after using them. You can do this simply by placing them on a dry spot where there is some air flow (not in a sealed container or box). If needed you can even loosen the laces, remove the insoles, and put a dry newspaper in them. Avoid putting your shoes in direct sunlight for long periods of time as this will dry out the materials your shoes are made of.

Tip 3: Handle your shoes with care

At the end of a run you will be tired and maybe just want to kick off your shoes as fast as possible to get some rest. But taking off your shoes incorrectly might result in damage that is easy to avoid. Always loosen your laces and pull off your shoes by hand. Do not pull off your shoes with the help of your other foot. The same goes for putting on your shoes: loosen the laces completely and do not push through your heel to hard as this can damage the back of your shoe. Use a shoehorn if your shoes have a tight fit.

Tip 4: Only wash your shoes by hand

Every now and then you might want to wash your shoes to remove the bad smell and dirt. Do not put your shoes in the washing machine but always wash your shoes by hand in lukewarm water with mild soaps. Make sure your shoes are completely dry before using them again.

Tip 5: Alternate shoes

If you run daily or several times a week it is recommended to alternate with another pair of shoes. This way you can make sure your shoes get enough rest in between trainings so they can completely dry and return to their original form. Having 2 pairs will increase the mileage on either pair meaning that while you have to spend twice as much on shoes you will enjoy them more than twice as long.

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