Making your treadmill workout less boring

Many people I train love running outdoors but hate running on a treadmill. They indicate that it is much more boring on a treadmill as you do not leave your spot and there is nothing to see around you besides some other gym goers. Still, running on a treadmill can be very helpful for when you are in training for a race and the outside weather is too bad to go for a run around the park. Here are some tips on how to make your treadmill work-out more interesting.

Tip 1: Find some distraction

Many treadmills have an elusive workout panel on them, and some even have a TV screen installed. If you spend your workout time watching a show you like you are much less likely to get bored. Many gyms also have TVs hanging at strategic places in the gym to give you the necessary distraction. If neither is available you can also bring a video player to put on the workout panel, just make sure it will not bounce of while you run.

Tip 2: Get some music playing

When you run outside it can be dangerous to wear headphones as you don’t hear other people or traffic approaching from behind. But on a treadmill you can easily listen to your favorite songs to make time pass faster. Or maybe you can bring an e-book or language course along on your music player and actually combine working out and studying.

Tip 3: Do interval training

Working out on a treadmill is often boring because nothing changes. You enter a certain speed and the treadmill will not fluctuate in speed like often happens when you run outdoors. But you can introduce some intervals yourself to make it more interesting: either pick an interval program on your treadmill or change the speed manually every now and then. This will live up your workout for sure.

Tip 4: Alternate your workouts

Instead of spending a full hour on the treadmill you can also alternate between cardio machines or between cardio and weight training. This way you still work on your endurance but you mix it up with movements other than just running.

Tip 5: Zone out

This is often more easily said than done, but zoning out will reduce the efforts you have to make to keep on going by a lot. When you zone out you start thinking about completely different subjects or just “about nothing”. Maybe you can come up with a nice birthday present for a friend or think about things you need to repair around the house. Once you stop concentrating on the running time will fly by more easily.