How To Plan Valentine’s Day With Cats

How To Plan Valentine’s Day With Cats

Do cats make or break Valentine’s day for you? For some couples, Valentine’s day would never be complete if it was not spent in the company of their favorite furry friends. But, for others, cats can only be a hindrance to romance. Here are a few questions to ask yourself in the run up to Valentine’s day to help you to decide what to do with your cats.

1. Spending Valentine’s day at home: do my cats and my partner get along?

If you and your partner live together, then chances are that the cats are used to them and love them! Maybe they are even shared cats that you have co-owned throughout their lives. If so, your cats are just likely to see Valentine’s day as just a normal night in for you two and you should not have any trouble.

If your cats have not met your partner before and you feel that they might be a little timid or anxious around a new human adult entering their territory, then make sure to introduce your partner to them gently and slowly. You can do this on the day, or you can invite your partner round to say hi to the kitties a couple of days before your romantic home cooked meal for two.

2. Spending Valentine’s day away: who will look after the cats?

With plenty of fresh water and food, cats will do alright on their own for a night. If you are whisking yourselves away to a romantic destination for a few days, though, it is definitely worth investing in a cat sitter, or asking a friend to drop in and feed and pet the kitties. If you have an inkling in the run up to Valentine’s day that your partner might be planning a romantic getaway for two, then make sure to drop a few subtle hints about cat care beforehand!

3. Valentine’s hazards.

Valentine’s day is not really a huge risk to cat health! But, one common Valentine’s activity can be dangerous: lighting candles. Keep candles out of the cats’ reach and make sure to extinguish them before you leave the room. The last thing you want is for your romantic evening together to be abruptly ended when one of your cats knocks over a flame onto the carpet or singes their fur on a candle. If you are buying flowers for your partner, make sure you check out our post on flowers that are poisonous to cats. You don’t want your romantic night ending with a trip to the vet!

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