Advantages of having two event emcees (Male and Female Cohost) in a show

Usually one event emcee is enough for a show; that can be either a male or a female. Based on his / her experience and expertise the event emcee would be able to handle the show and make it a hit. However a few events would need 2 emcees. That’s what I’m going to discuss in this article.

In my initial years of event emceeing I had been hosting all events on my own. Basically I was a person who likes to work individually. In my 3 years of events career (2013 to 2015) I hardly worked with any female emcees. But as the days progressed and I ventured into different types of events, I realized that I need to work with co-hosts and other team members.

Advantages of having cohosts for an event:

• Having a skilled qualified single emcee would definitely entertain the audience; no doubt about it. However when you have two emcees, it would definitely take the event to the next higher level. Especially when the crowd size is huge, you definitely need two emcees to pump up the energy level of the audience.

• When there are two emcees, they can bully them each other, make fun of them, can have more interaction which the audience would enjoy and the event would be more lively.

• If we divide the audience or the participants into teams, the two emcees can adopt one team each and they can bring in competition (in a healthy way) and sportiveness between the teams.

Challenges faced while cohosting:

When we first started cohosting we had a lot of challenges. The biggest challenge which majority of the cohosts face is voice overlapping; Yes when two emcees have mic and they host the show, timing is very very important.

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