A Sea of People

Photo by Will van Wingerden (Unsplash)

I stood alone on the edge of a cliff, and below me I saw a sea of people.

Beautiful People
Clever People
Confused People

People who cared and people who didn’t.

I stood there watching them come and go in their frantic movements. No one looked up, and even if they did, I knew they couldn’t see me. I kept on looking and looking as they laughed and cried, as they loved and betrayed, as they failed and failed and failed and failed…

All I could do was watch.

I couldn’t jump; only a madman would do that.
I couldn’t go back; only a fool would turn his back to the sea.
I couldn’t look straight; only a… I was afraid.

I just watched as the sea kept on reflecting in my blind eyes, wave after wave, one life after another, all the paths I could…But didn’t.

And I just kept watching all the paths they could…But didn’t…Except for one.

And as I stood there, I cried…because I had none.