WP FreshPop Review change the way we look at popup ads?

Every so often a new Wordpress plugin is released that catches my attention. The most recent one is WP FreshPop by Declan Mc, “Simple” Spencer and Zeeshan Ahmed.

WP FreshPop is a brand new software that is revolutionizing the way website visitors see popup ads. This software makes for much easier list building, much easier affiliate sales, a much higher video view count, and of course.. MORE online profits.

What I really like most about this plugin, is that the idea behind it was born after observing a couple TOP authority sites who are using a very similar technology…

To put it bluntly, this popup works. It’s a FRESH new concept (hence the name) and it’s 10x more effective than other popup softwares out there.

So if you’re looking to be ahead of the game, and get in on the ground floor of this brand new popup technology, then you need to check out today…