When hiring, hire based on character. Skills can be taught, but character is who they are

: quote by Gary Travis (Twitter: @garyLTravis)

  • What do you think about this quote as mentioned above?

• Does employee’s skill is very important to consider as priority before hiring them?

• On the other hands, does employees character be very important than their working skill?

Firstly, in my point of view, character and mind-set are very important to consider someone who can working with. Working environment is very important for me; especially professional leader or and other higher position who has high personal EQ and be nice character, mind-set are priority conditions to consider joining each team. I have been joining job interview with several companies since graduated from college in 2014; also, based on my experience, I totally agree that, “Skill can be taught, but character is who they are.”

Secondly, when you start with working, everything is new for you. You have to set your mind open to learning for work task to improve your organization profit or satisfy customers/clients need; some workplace provided you training course or probation period as well it’s a good period to start learning as a new employee for you to promote as an official employee, however, some of workplace may not provide you any training/probation period you any training/probation period, you have to do your work as “On-the-job Training (OJT)” that challenge your self-learning, self-motivation and enthusiasm skill who can survive by yourself. Both kinds as mentioned have advantages itself, training course/probation period help you improve yourself step-by-step and low-pressure sometimes as well “On-the-job Training” will improve your self-learning skill and to manage work tasks achieved the working goal by yourself. However, both of them also have disadvantages, training course/probation period or you already had Senior-Level to coaching you could give you a low pressure working disspite, it may restrain your decision thinking skill ,sometimes you have to face with situation that force you to do decision making by yourself, you might get nervous sometimes when the new issue that never occurred are happen. Definitely, this new issue didn’t have manual/or your Senior-Level to guide you for the best solutions because they also doesn’t have experience of that issue too but your issue is very critical and impact organization at that time; how do you solve this issue?

Unfortunately, if you accidentally meet Senior-Level who has bias with you as a new employee (or any perspective) and then they not willing to train you or hidden some information with you while you are so new with this place and also don’t know whole work process operation, yet; how could you solve this situation hereafter? This situation can be happens just because your Senior-Level (s) character doesn’t match with your character, or sometimes it migth becomes internal political of organization that confirmed hired you.

Additionally, On-the-job Training (OJT) perspective, the new employee character matched mostly character employees inside organization but working operation system inside team/department very bad; sometimes you might get a lot of work and under huge pressure because you can not inquiry somebody who can help you to solve issue. The disadvantage as mentioned, effected some new employees decided to resign more soon; it effected to organization that have to repeat the recruiting process again and again. Hence, although skills can be taught, it doesn’t mean that the new employee will be keeping working with an organization.
In contrast, how do you think that, except good characters, skill also important too?

Thirdly, I had experience to work with highly skills people but a bit unwell character, sometime looked like I work in toxic work environment; high competition with often miscommunicate, as well the nature of highly skill or genius people have their own working ways without notice everybody even their team, mostly members were very awkward to corporate with them. A lot of employees plan to be moving to another team or other department or decide to resign for that last solution. The advantage for working with highly skill/or genius that, you will be automatically adapt to work with them soon enough whether you have good mind-set that “Someday I become a profession/genius as yours. However, whether you cannot work under high pressure or perfection person, you might be nervous all time in office-hour. How about you? What are thinking of this situation? How do you solve this situation whether it might occur to you?

Fourthly, I also had experience with colleagues who were good character but lack of working skill. The first session when he/she came to work trouble me a lot whenever I had to teach them for working process; some of them are enthusiastic and fast learner but some of them learned too slow and took time to understand working process. The colleagues inside team/department and head-of-department/team-leader took good care of them but what’s your opinion that, if you were the business owner who had restrict time schedule to launch and expand business in short period; which kind of candidates who need to hire between good character but take a bit time/or long period to teach them or candidates who have skill highly, fast learner, help you expand business rapidly? For me I still preferred a good character candidate, and then schedule my separate time to teaching/training them. A good mind-set and be kind character who can learn is the best choice for me. How about you?

Furthermore, comparison between “A good character candidate” and “A high-skill candidate” which kind you preferred if you are a business owner?

Or depend on the situation, please describe?



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