I think we are basically self-centered because that’s just how nature made us.
John Hopkins

I’m not assuming that science is “truth”, in fact, I believe that there isn’t such thing as ultimate truth in science, so I’m in total agreement with you on that matter. However, what I know is that the scientific method is the closest estimation of truth than anything else we know because it’s based on evidence and it simply works!! (And yeah people nowadays tend to treat Science as it is their new religion.)

Concerning the trolly problem, there were some other variations of the problem that add the close relatives factor, as everyone will expect, emotions will play a central role, and most people will choose to help their loved one whatever the consequences, thanks to our “ in-group–out-group bias”.

Morality is definitely a manmade concept, what I was trying to do in that section is raising the question, why would god plant these unnecessary cruel and repugnant behaviors inside of some animals? so I wasn’t necessary saying that animals are aware of those behaviors.

Finally, the idea behind the article was that morals are not necessary out of the mind’s faculty, in fact there were some experiments conducted by Frans De Waal wich prove that even some animals especially primates have some of what they seem to us as moral behaviors (reciprocity, altruism, empathy…); Again, I’m not saying that those animals are aware of these traits, I’m rather saying that these simple traits combined are what form our moral judgements.

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