Summer’s light.

Season’s Roar pt.II

In August’s late hours of bright, within the ashes of a descending night, a light came into sight from its boreal cradle, born again to haunt the shadows of winter’s curse.
 the shocking hands of a long night now turned overwhelming, upon the land that once was abandoned by the light,
 skies so pure as a soul yet to be born, a new beginning of a journey into December’s doom.
now, with the sparkling moon as my guide, I inhaled summer’s warm breath and stared at the shining embers of flame, abundant stars studded the skies, like fireflies roaming the unseen horizon, a ballet of glistening gems.
in this heyday of mesmerizing reveries, I opened my withered eyes and gazed beyond the light, a blustering symphony of blowing winds arose, hidden behind the joy, poisoning my trance.
 I unfold my wings and flutter through the remains hardly daring to breathe, reaching hopelessly as the autumn called upon his armies, all hailing the collapsing beauty, which I can behold no more, only more distance I can bear and the stillness before the storm.

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