The Storyboard So Far: #Arrow

This season of the Arrow has had some of the best writing and action since Season 2. The plot is a lot more coherent, and the pacing is much, much more fluid. There has yet to be an episode yet where I’ve thought, “Ugh, more filler!”

The keyword for the new season is “relationships.”

Seeing the Green Arrow mentor a new team has been a treat. Faced with a failure to recapture the spirit and success of his last grouping, Ollie can no longer simply be the team captain. Instead, he’s had to become the coach, taking advantage of the individual strengths and weaknesses of Artemis, Wild Dog, Mr. Terrific, and Ragman.

Speaking of the team, I’d just like to take a moment here to acknowledge their real-life balls. Madison McLaughlin, Rene Ramirez, Echo Kellum, and Joe Dinicol stepped into the shoes of some seriously peripheral characters. There’s probably very few outside of the oldest DC die-hard comic fans who’ve ever heard of those heroes, even in passing.

I do have some gripe with how Evelyn Sharp/Artemis was introduced, but it really belongs in its own article. It’s strictly an issue with her backstory, and not the casting (which was awesome), her characterization (which is awesome), or her actress (who is awesome). Let’s just say that I don’t think the writers ever actually meant for Evelyn to stick around. But I’m glad she did.

Speaking of cool characters, the main villain this round is Prometheus. Intimidating and threatening antagonists have been a staple of the show. Sticking to Arrow tradition, this big bad doesn’t disappoint.

But, the question remains: who is Prometheus?

Most speculation about the identity of Ollie’s latest tormentor seems to land at the feet of a certain former Chief of Police and current alcoholic. But I don’t think Quentin Lance is Prometheus. Don’t get me wrong, he certainly has a good motive for going after the Green Arrow. But I just don’t think Quentin’s in the shape to do it.

If there’s anything I’ve learned from the Arrow, it’s that Ollie’s flashbacks always tie directly back to the season’s present-day plot. It seems more likely to me that Prometheus is tied to Oliver’s time with the Bratva. Knowing the villain’s comic book backstory, I suspect that he’s probably related to Kovar, or possibly Viktor. We now from the show that Prometheus also has access to to the SCPD evidence locker.

My guess is that Prometheus is Felicity’s suspiciously convenient new main squeeze, Detective Billy Malone. I’ll even take a step into cuckoo-land and bet that Malone is either Kovar or Viktor’s son. I mean, the Batman-saluting Easter eggs highlighted in the very first sentence of this paragraph are just too obvious to be coincidental!

When it comes to the other relationships on the show so far, I also can’t help but pick up on what seem to be some very obvious pick-up attempts of Mr. Terrific by none other than Ragman. If accurate, that’s sure to lead to some awkwardness. If I remember correctly, Curtis is married.

Lastly, I’m not the only one that seems to be picking up on something happening between Thea and Quentin. Is it weird that I kind of really want to see a May-December relationship between Thea and Quentin? Thea’s daddy issues, Quentin’s loss… I think there’s a lot of potential there for an awkward, seemingly dysfunctional, but weirdly workable romance. I hope it’s a fresh direction the writers are willing to explore.

‘Shipping of the supporting cast aside, this is proving to be a really good batch of episodes. If this is the CW’s apology for a season that even Neal freaking McDonough couldn’t save, then apology accepted!

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