The $1,000 CPM
Hank Green

For a small content creator on YouTube and someone who watches a lot of different YouTubers, because my audience is so few, I aim not for the wealth but it’s a place for me to test my abilities and create good content. My videos are very ranged, from a music video remake, to vlogs (‘vlawgs’ is my style), to comedy skits, to inspirational films. Yet I find that my most viewed video is one where I put little effort into, but I injured myself. (I didn’t really #filmtricks). I’ve noticed however I’m not the best at plot writing, or planning (two very essential points in the film industry). A lot of what I do is just fun, impromptu films. But recently I’ve been creating videos that have meaning and interesting content, that still don’t receive the gold I’m after, I just hope my brain one day says “Hey Jodeci, why don’t you try… [Insert brilliant film idea]”. If you’re interested in discovering what I’m talking about, my YouTube channel is ThatBoyWithACamera (not advertising I swear, just referencing). Making my films as good as possible is my goal, but I still haven’t yet found that spark of genius of how to make quality videos. It’s not about the fame, but it’s about the fact I can make videos for a lot of people and make them smile, or cry. (Corny, I know, but true).

For other content-creators: If my content doesn’t become well known I hope yours does. IF it has, then I probably watch you. Keep making videos because as all mothers say: ‘Practice makes perfect’ and I believe if you are small but have a large determination, then you’ll get there one day.
For Hank: I appreciate the content that YOU have and do post. Making YouTube a community is why I procrastinate a lot of the times, but it’s good procrastination (if that’s possible). And I’d like to say, even though you haven’t made your $53,000,000 have made a community which I appreciate. PS: Can’t wait for your book. Like seriously I’m dying.

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