Ever since fight club, we’ve pretty much convinced that we are consumers. Well, I am and was a blind one.

I guess in an over branded market, most people, like myself, would be referred as “blind consumers”, sniffing through millions of brand names, colors, quality, price, service etc try to find something that we think it would gets our money’s worth.

How do you navigate yourself to the right product that actually suits you in a market that new brands burst into dust like particles every single day? There’s one thing I always believed: we will end up with something we can accept.

So, the more you know, might not always be a good thing, because then you will need to choose what to live with.

With globalization speeding its game up, millions of product brands got together, in the same market, the names actually tells us a set of information or even a story, it kind of registered me in a weird way and categorized their consumers in different market segmentations in my head, for example: people who buys Zara, I would imagine this person to be middle leveled young white collar working class who has a preference in affordable fashion, who most likely would usually buy H&M as well, mainly living in big cities. On the other hand, people who buys Muji, I would assume this person to be really down to earth, who focus more on the essence of life, who separates the value of stuff than appearance, strip down to the core functionality and usability of the product itself, who values quality and simplicity to an extend.

I’ve always loved brands, even the brands I never buy, because how the market react to brands, tells us so much information about the market and it’s people, such as what do these people want, their economical level, educational background, and even cultural acceptance. It can almost function as a sound echo system for a blind person to locate themselves, or for someone who doesn’t know the basics in economy, and wants to have a grasp at understanding it.

I want to make it stupidly simple, so people can understand it like black and white. The fact is, some market will not always have the best quality product, because the local economy is simply not there to afford it, even though it can be a fair price, however, with all of the cost, name it labor, material, logistic, waste etc will just never be sensible to go for it, and some people will never understand what makes a brand real, I don’t mean those copyrighted branded capital drive real, but to have a real quality, like craftsmanship, someone who would happily work on something for a life time, their skills are dedicated into this one single product, like artists, so they will die knowing they are perfecting whatever that is their doing, like certain fine art, every stroke and brush is so detailed and concise that you can’t help but to be in owe.

In an over branded society people forget what it means to be a real brand, in an bubbled up economy people forget what money was or has been there for, in a value blurry culture people loathing marriage, yet forgetting that it should have been meant: to love and love well. In an egotistic male domain culture, what true honor means, and what one has to go through to endure.

I guess what am I trying to say is… maybe real things simply lasts longer, maybe bubbles are meant for disguise.