Hazing: The Big H-word

It’s no secret that when people think of Greek life, the first thing that comes to their minds is the big H-word. Yes, this will be a post about hazing. It’s kind of hard to write about Greek life and not talk about the elephant in the room. That is probably one of the main reasons that parents don’t want their children to go Greek. Well that and some parents think that fraternities and sororities are like joining cults but that’s a whole other story. Before I dive head first into the hazing of Greek life, I would like to point out that there are currently forty-four states with anti-hazing laws.

Even with all those states being anti-hazing, there are still Greek chapters within those states that get in trouble for hazing. The worst stories that have to do with hazing usually come from fraternities. There are some sorority stories of hazing but they are barely heard of but that doesn’t mean that they are not true.

This is the standard definition of hazing which is some of the stories that we here on the news. I’m not defending Greeks that haze but anything can be considered hazing on a university campus. Some fraternities and sororities require their potential new members to wear a pledge pin. They also might require them to attend meetings. Meetings and the pledge pins have been known to be called a form of hazing on campuses.

It’s the stories above that ask potential new members to attend meetings and wear pins that makes no sense to me. Even though the person may have accepted their bids (invitation to join the fraternity or sorority), it doesn’t mean that they are actually going to commit to the organization. They have to learn what the organization is about and what is expected of them if they become a brother or sister. As for the pin, why wouldn’t someone want to show what organization they are trying to become apart of? If that is considered hazing then shouldn’t the name tag at jobs be considered hazing? Universities tend to go a little overboard with what they consider hazing.

Hazing is sadly a problem within the Greek community. While many chapters of Greek organizations may not haze, there are still some that do. Somehow it became ingrained in the Greek community that hazing is okay. The most popular saying that people that haze say is that “it builds character”. I’m sorry but why would you want to be apart of something that has to break you down, just to build you up?

That makes no sense to me. I’m not just talking about physical hazing either, There is emotional hazing. This type leaves scars that no one but the person who went through it will know exists. Then we have the idiots who make their potential new members do some of the most dangerous things ever. The saddest part of hazing is that the people still decide to go through with it just because they don’t want to seem weak or look like a quitter. They have the right to say no but they choose not to.

Hazing is no laughing matter. Even though some of the things that count as hazing are pretty ridiculous, there have been instances where people have died due to hazing. Hazing should not be tolerated at all. There should be no deaths due to someone trying to join an organization. Fraternities and sororities need to stop hazing as a whole. They need to get rid of the whole hazing aspect even if it is part of their “tradition”. Lives are more important than seeing who can chug a big the fastest.

Sons and daughters lives are at stake because idiots decide that binge drinking should determine if someone should be allowed to join the organization. These individuals are good students who got involved with the wrong people.

The Greek community will continue to be under scrutiny until they prove that they have changed. If that means getting rid of chapters, then I guess that is what needs to happen.

In closing I would just like to say that not every fraternity and sorority hazes. If you intend to join one or know someone that wants to go Greek, just know that hazing is not always apart of the Greek culture. Yes there are stories of hazing in Greek life but hazing doesn’t just happen there. If you’ve ever been on a sports them, you know that the new people always have to go through trials before they are accepted by the veterans of the team. Just take a look at this baseball team. Just because professional teams haze, it doesn’t mean that it is okay. I’m just saying don’t say all Greeks haze because that is simply not true. It’s just one of the horrible stereotypes that all Greeks have to deal with just because of other chapters.

However, for those chapters that do haze, they need to be shut down immediately because no one should have to risk their lives.