A Difference between Free Markets and Nanny States

A free market does not make it so that someone else fixes your problems, a free market makes you free to fix your problems and network with other people to build movements.

If you cannot find the time to make your problems go away, you can either outsource to someone else or ask lawmakers to make laws to make it illegal to do something.

If you go with the lawmakers route, that can work. But understand that you are going to have a great idea that you will not be allowed to do because someone decided your idea is too dangerous, difficult, or disruptive and you will not be able to do your idea until you petition the government to change the law.

How many good ideas are not possible because of laws? I do not know. But, that is the world you are choosing and you have to accept it or look for another way.

If you are not an idea person, then please realize that other people will have ideas that you could not imagine and will never get to see. If you are OK with that, then there you go.

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