This is satire, posted on a satire website. You do realize this, right?
Leah Slater

My comment was in reference to the growing trend of anti-princess rhetoric. Social commentators do in fact argue against princesses. There are also social movements against white cis-females acting out their privilege.

Perhaps it is satire, but satire tends to reflect sorts of truths that we do not feel comfortable presenting to the public. Belladonna explicitly expresses a desire to avoid satirical news.

The line between satirical news and satirical social commentary seems tied to how the story is presented. This piece seems -to me- closer to the veiled social commentary that we all know and love.

I disagree with the underlying concept, that princesses are privileged bullies, but not this piece specifically. I for one think that princess movies are silly and flippant, except for Belle. That girl reads and acts socially responsibly towards her parents.

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