The Great Change
Tolerant Fellow

So I studied the entirety of your article. It’s built on the premise that Europe, and every country within Europe should be porous, should simply ignore the cultural destruction that “The Great Change” is wreaking on society and societal cohesion with each passing moment, that exponents of the great change should turn a blind eye to the security crisis in France which “The Great Change” has in effect created, the rise of Right-wing extremism as a backlash because of uncontrolled immigration pushing social infrastructure to breaking point (and in some cases, beyond). It’s built on naive optimism and a complete and willful disregard for factual evidence and an understanding of reality or geopolitical circumstances.

If you want to see what your supposed “Great Change” is creating, you may want to spend a while touring Germany and Sweden, where once open and tolerant societies are finding their patience tested and their kindness pressed beyond reasonable bounds. If you want to see how this supposed “Great Change” might upend stable governments, watch as Merkel’s support nosedives as over and over German Security forces arrive too late to the latest far Right or Islamic extremist attack. If you want to understand how countries might, sensibly ask “Why should we? We did fine without this kind of immigration.” perhaps you should ask a more fundamental question to begin with — “Who stands to benefit the most from such a change?” Because in the long run, it won’t be you.

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