I just watched the video.
Stef Patag

Really? That’s what annoyed you the most? Seems very judgmental. If she were not famous and were not reliant on income generated from support, many whom are not happy with living-in or ‘cohabitation’ prior to marriage, perhaps her answer might be different. Either way, your comment detracts from the actual issue. If you want to bring things back to being open-minded, confirmation and conviction, then why not have some yourself? Instead, you pick on something that relates directly to her source of income, and use a tone that suggests you are much higher than she, because there is a lack of conviction in her answer.

And now, I digress. So, back to the topic. Does her living together affect you? Has that had a negative impact on your life? Truth is, it only affects anyone, if they let it. Unless she suddenly stops being herself, or changes dramatically, out of character to her ‘pre-cohabitation’ self, then the answer is no. I’m not even trying to pick on your lack of substance from your lengthy nothingness response. This is observational, not judgmental.

Living together is completely normal. Before there was paper, before pens, writing, signatures to bring two together in holy matrimony, people, couples, were living together.

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