I like this explanation I’ve read somewhere about why it’s wrong to “test-drive” a person before…
Catherine Mae Decena

What a joke! Fantasy-land, Disney Princess here. Philippines, they say they are kind, giving, caring, accepting, but not about anything that goes against the ‘book’; which only came about here when the Spanish invaded. As for the test-drive? Laughable analogy. Unless you think you’re a car with interchangeable parts. I can see this as actually happening too, seeing the amount of whitening products, increased surgery for those with gender issues and the strange attitude that match the LGBT community that is, in itself, contradictory. They want to be treated the same, yet in the philippines they don’t act the same.

Out of the 100million or so people in the Philippines alone, you believe that the one person you marry, is the ONE and ONLY? If divorce were legal and not priced out of the common persons cash liquidity, I think this country would have one of the highest rates of divorce. But instead, they marry at 18, realise they’re not suited to each other, he leaves, she’s now a single mother, can’t get any government support, difficulty finding a job and the list goes on. IF, she meets someone further along, they can never be married until there is a costly annulment – it’s too easy to point, cherrypick studies and claim your ideals are the best when your beliefs and way of life don’t actually allow you to do so should you want to.

Life is amazing, good, bad, the full spectrum. Get out of the book, get into the real world, today, right now.

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