What Kevin Durant Going To The Warriors Means ( From A Teen)

We just learned on Monday , July 4th , that Kevin Durant signed with the Golden State Warriors with a 2-year , 54 million dollar contract. This caused a major uproar on the internet with burned jerseys and meme’s of Westbrook’s face with a crying Jordan.

Well for the Thunder this is bad and there is a pretty good chance that Westbrook’s going to leave next year ,but I believe that he won’t. But for the Warriors this presents the chance for a new Death Lineup for the Warriors with Curry at the one , Klay at the two , Green at the three, Durant at the four, and whoever the find in free agency at the five . You can find more about the lineups they can play at B-ball Breakdowns on Youtube ,


Also personally the basketball decision Durant made wasn’t like Lebron mainly because he went to the team that beat him when he was up 3–1, so yes it was somewhat weak. But I also believe Durant’s trying to win a ring so he isn’t the guy who was great but never won a ring ,such as, Karl Malone . I think with his player option , if they win the championship this next season, he will use he’s player option to go back to the Thunder if they accept him and if they decide not to tank .

~A Clippers Fan and A Teen