• James Cridland

    James Cridland

    Editor of https://podnews.net, the daily podcast newsletter. Radio futurologist: a writer, speaker and consultant. https://james.cridland.net

  • Jon Negroni

    Jon Negroni

    I’m from around here.

  • Cynthia Johnson

    Cynthia Johnson

    Entrepreneur, speaker, columnist, and business advisor. Co-Founder, CEO at Bell +Ivy I’ve got 5-minutes, let’s connect! cynthia@cynthialive.com

  • Donald Raggs

    Donald Raggs

    I am associated with Trackforce.com a leader in providing software and security management technology. Visit us at: http://www.trackforce.com/

  • Baysource Global

    Baysource Global

    Building Brands Through Operational Excellence. Trusted #QualityControl experts. Focus on #ChinaSouring #ProductDevelopment and helping clients #SelltoChina

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