Ad subject:The Overlook at StoneMill

Ad problem:The consumer who enjoys cooking and hosting parties should know about the Overlook at StoneMill.

Product Characteristic:

>Proximity to highways

>Beautiful pool, club house and movie room

>Trash and night security bundled into rent

>Serene neighborhood

Advertising objective: Supply target market with great party ideas and recipes for simple inexpensive foods to cook at their new apartment locations.

Target market:Women age 20–23 who are wanting to host parties on a small budget.

Competition:Most other apartment complexes offer great rates and seem to be competition to our complex. They do not tend to have the style of amenities that we supply.

Statement of benefit or appeal:

>Low rent per-month

>Fireplace in some housing locations

Creative theme:

>A house for your hosting needs

Supporting selling points:

>Clean environment

>Ideal location for daily shopping needs.

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Perfect Food Ideas for Simple Party Hosting

Are you struggling with limited prep space and even more limited budget? Well these quick and simple meals are perfect for hosting a get to gether even in an apartment style kitchen.

With the ever present expansion of information in the internet people are able to find quick meals for all occasions. Since summer is coming up we thought it was best to put together a list of our favorite summertime party foods. As many college students are aware, hosting a party can be daunting and we are here to help.

Many things are considered when hosting a party:

  1. Price per serving
  2. Amount of prep time
  3. Space needed to cook
  4. Number of ingredients needed
  5. Fitting the food with the season

The best way to host a party on a dime is to always know the amount of food you are getting for your money, and this site helps you keep tabs on serving size for your dollar. For many college students looking for their first place, it is top priority to keep an eye on ways to save money.

For many of you guys in college it is difficult to find the time to prepare meals for parties between school and work. We here at SomethingOrAnother have come prepared, after extensive searching we have found a site to help you find easy meals to dazzle even the pickest of guests.

When it comes to ingredients every flavor coasts money, to minimize your need for buying new ingredients it is best to plan ahead with ingredients. So you keep simple ingredients in stock at your apartment at all times, while purchasing certain not often used ingredients in small quantities as to not waste money. There is a new site that that we have found for purchasing ingredients only when needed.

Summer lemonade
Simple fresh ideas
Berries bring a cool and refreshing twist to a party
Planting and growing your own fresh veggies

Some apartments are stingy on kitchen counter space, The Overlook at StoneMill has a generous amount of counter space in their kitchen. For many students who are in other apartments, where the counter space might not be as plentiful as Overlook at StoneMill, we have found that the easiest way to prepare for a party is to take your meals outside and create a summer party outdoors.

And with all this information now prepared for your next hosting party we thought it was fitting to show some of the beautiful ideas for a fresh summer party.

We hope that this has given you some fun summer ideas for your next hosting gig. There is never any reason not to save money, especially while apartment searching or first time living on your own. So get on out there and create a party that your friends will be talking about for semesters to come.

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