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All Hands On Deck at the Liberty Gardens

A story for the liberty garden, it will help the students know more about the gardens and will bring in peoples time an energy. The story will tell the times for the gardens and the ways people can take advantage of the campus gardens.

Note to the Staff

This PR statement will be used to address changes to leadership and staffing here at Liberty. The staff will get this notice before the changes go into effect and it will help keep all parties informed.

Liberty is Here to Market

This story will be done in a way that informs the general public of what liberty has to offer but not in an overbearing way. It will be effective best in a way that explains the school without blatantly marketing the school.

What is news?

News is the distribution of information directed to a certain crowd of people depending upon the way in which the news is displayed. News informs, entertains or does both in a light that can be useful to some and shocking to others. News can change, alter and manipulate peoples ideals and values of the world.


Apple discusses updates.

Apple discusses the IPhone SE premiere and how it improves apple pay and camera display. This has been long though out and discussed, many small changes were done to improve the past IPhones. It will be built to be smaller and more affordable while also having great updates and improvements.

IBM to Open a BlueMix Garage

IBM has announced that they will open a BlueMix Garage in Nice, France. This will be used to accelerate the development of IBM cloud apps and the development of other apps. This garage will be with four others.

NASA Using Space to Understand Earth

Nasa will be using astronauts from around the globe to get a better understanding of the world and the ways in which she is changing. Astronauts from as far as Greenland will be joining NASA to see the ways that ice caps are melting. South Korea will also be looking into air quality along with many other things.

Speaker Line Up for the Sohn Event Revealed

This event is supposed to be “dynamic and exciting”, the event will feature many well known guests for investors from all over to be interested in. The Sohn event has been doing well for over 20 years featuring the best of the best. The Sohn Conference will be dedicated to cancer treatment and research.

Voluntary Recall by Nestle

In the news a week or so back Nestle recalled some of its pizza and lasagna products. This was due to possible foreign materials inside of the products. This recall was the companies choice and no injuries from these materials have been reported.

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