Grimey marketing strategies and tactics that actually work

The following is the first in a weekly campaign of grimey ways to market your business.

They’re especially brilliant, if you’re all about shortcuts that get you what you want no matter who gets hurt.

Grimey marketing tactic #1:

The Burglary Method

Borrowed from a home security company. To boost signs ups, they’d raid a neighborhood dressed as thieves in the night, and ransack a house or two. Then a few days later have door salesmen canvass the neighborhood and cite the recent break-in as a reason to get a membership with their company. Usually starting with the houses they ransacked.

Grimey huh? But it works.

Your customer sees how close they are to danger. It’s so real and tangible now. You don’t need to say a word, just offer the remedy to ease their wild imaginations. So they sign up for your offer no questions asked.

Go try it. Now.

You find something your reader needs, but doesn’t want badly enough. Then you create the worst-case scenario for them to see in their neighbor or friends life.

Sure it’s unethical.

Downright illegal in most cases.

Hell, you’ll lose sleep for the rest of your life, if you’re not a sociopath. Between your conscience and constantly covering your tracks, you’ll be stressed.

But wow look at the sales you’re closing now, and in only 30 days.

That said there is a non-grimey alternative. It’s not unethical. Not illegal. And you can rest easy with the result. Plus it cost more than the all-black outfit it takes to scare your reader.

Thing is it’s not sexy or a real shortcut, but you’ll see list-building, sales multiplying results within 30 days… if you apply it.


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It works better than that silly pitch you sent them last season (and probably 500 words shorter too).

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