Brain Vomit

Get up. Get out of bed. Stretch. Greet the day. Pad down the hall to your computer setup from the night before. Sit.

Start writing. Something, anything. Put your thoughts down so that the first thing that happens in the morning is that you shift from dreams to reality almost immediately. Make it happen.

Don’t stop writing until you have something substantial. Something that makes you take a step back and think. Something that would make a different you in a different time remember.

We don’t use our brains enough. There’s a constant narration going on inside our heads waiting to be set free. Both visual, auditory and kinesthetic. This demon spins the paddlewheel of your thoughts and powers your world. Feed it. Pamper it. Make sure that it’s heard.

Everyone is chasing time. Chasing something but never reaching it. Passion is Icarus and death is the sun. Reach out with your fingertips and grab. Hold tight. The journey will try to buck you. It’s painful. The sting of the bee when you’re floating, reaching.

You must be shapeless. Formless. Like water. What you need is deep within. Be like a stone dropping to the bottom of the lake, not stopping, causing ripples in your wake.

If you can’t focus you’re focusing on the wrong thing. You’re saying yes too much. The only thing you’re creating is excuses. Cut a piece off of yourself and share it. Auto-cannibalize the tasty bits. Pain is necessary. Suffering is on the other side of the coin of happiness. Purpose lies on the edge.

In the shallows, there’s an inner voice telling you to stop. Ignore it. There’s a voice further down. It says keep going. It’s buried. Behind a wall, around a corner, down a well. Dig deep. Dig deeper. It’s buried under mountains of words that you wish you had written, thoughts you wish you had thought. Say them. Think them. Keep going.

It’s fast but you’re faster. The tunnel blurs. Life is a toroid. A donut with no center. And you may find yourself. A constantly flowing river underground. You have to be okay with not knowing. You have to be okay with becoming.

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