Stocking the Shelves

I love taking walks in hardware stores. The stacks of electronics, the smell of lumber, the rows and rows of malleable materials, the matte chrome of power tools… the implements of construction breed a sense of possibility.

You see in a hardware store, the only limits are your wallet, your creativity, and how much you can pack into your car. I once fit 16 pieces of 10' x 2' lumber in my car through the window before I realized the back seat flipped down.

It’s fun to wander the aisles and come up with imaginary inventions like a Wallace and Gromit or Jimmy Neutron rerun. It’s like a hard reset on all the old clutter in your head.

Breathe deep the smell of freshly cut pine boards under the pale fluorescent lights and think of the castles that you can build. I promise it’ll make you itch to create. It’s either that or you need to pick up some bug spray on aisle 25.