When Life Needs Refactoring

Sometimes I catch myself doing too many things. Saying yes too often. Being busy without accomplishing much.

That’s when I need to refactor.

Refactoring is a concept in coding which is defined as restructuring existing code without modifying the external behavior.

This means that the internal layout of the code, the number of lines, the comments, the efficiency, all of it is redone to ensure that it is operating at peak capacity.

When I apply the same concept to my own life I take a look at all of my different activities and try to combine them. Instead of dividing my attention, can I kill two birds with one stone?

Next, I go through the Eisenhower matrix, figuring out which activities directly support my underlying long-term purpose, and which activities are distracting.

Finally, I apply processes or delegate to have others take over activities. A piece of work should only be done once then be able to be infinitely replicated.

Take personal statements, bios and applications. All of these reiterate the same questions and so should be simple to replicate time and time again.

The enemy of refactoring is perfection. You’re not looking for perfection, you’re just pushing back the time when you have to go refactor again.

Take a cue from programming and refactor early and often. It helps immensely.