Grandma’s Mummified Hand

A very short story

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Photo by Brandable Box on Unsplash

We sent Grandma’s mummified hand to Mike in California. Certified, return receipt requested.

We can see him coming home from work, seeing the notice on his door, getting excited, maybe curious, what would be sent certified to him? We can see him driving to the post office at the very first opportune moment, but Mike will not open the package until he gets home. That’s Mike’s way.

He’ll unwrap it slowly in his all-too-meticulous fashion and he’ll see Grandma’s mummified hand and the little note we wrote and then he’ll rush to the bathroom to spew and maybe next time he’ll think twice before jumping bail.

Written by

Writer. Actor. Musician. Nerd. Thinks too much about Star Trek, Doctor Who, ukuleles, coffee, and donuts. Not necessarily in that order.

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