Hey, texting really works!

When students and parents are sent text messages on a regular basis, student achievement improves.

Image Courtesy Flickr/Jeffrey Kontur

As if you needed additional reasons to reach out to parents, a recent study released by Queen’s University in Belfast (in partnership with the Education Endowment Foundation) studied the effects of schools regularly texting parents and students.

The results?

  • Students experienced about one month’s of additional Math & English growth compared with their peers who weren’t involved in the study
  • Students who were part of the study had lower truancy rates
  • Schools embraced the concept because it was relatively high impact and low cost
  • Parents also embraced the concept and enjoyed the outcomes

The full study is available here. You should read it because it outlines what they did that works.

So, if 1:1 messaging is shown to work, it begs the question… why aren’t you doing this?