Mr. Bobby Useless on The Moon

‘’Oh, epitome of my desire, let me make my house from your love’’

You do feel stupid, shouting this at the space, right? No one can hear you, no matter how hard you scream. Sadly, shouting this at her would be the same thing, you’ve lost your chance, Bobby.

Oh, sad astronaut. Those light years from your love to her heart made quite a difference. The crash course was already set, but i know, the way from A to B was the closest you’ve had from a passion. That’s fair, although you’re trespassing your own rule: Inspire other people’s love, but don’t have one, those are for the deserving.

But you couldn’t resist, right? Someone that fits into your life, like a glove. But now, the pressure, those feelings, can you take it off, Bobby? Or will you cut it off, in order to minimize the damage while you have time? You can see it right there, your mermaid floating in the sky, and her tears, if she does drop one or two — who knows — those will be the salt in your wounds, and you’ll have to live with it.

And what about that poem you made for her? I know that you don’t regret doing this, it’s art anyway, but you do know she might forget about it, do you? And the grains from her departure, alongside that bit of you will form a star. A really big one, bright like a neon sign to remind you: ‘’ANOTHER FAILED LOVE, BOBBY THE USELESS ASTRONAUT’’. The collection’s getting bigger, ‘eh…

Float around for a little while, mate. That’s all you can do for now. The loneliness of the universe never left you.