In the pursuit of happiness and control.

It all felt the same!

What I feared most as a 9 year old was happening to me that day. No, it’s not bad as your imagination might make it out to be, but I had become a machine and not in the cool Arnold Schwarzenegger, lean mean killing machine sort of way, but in a way where you could just look at the calendar and time, and you would know exactly where I would be and what I’d be doing. My life became a schedule and that was what the 9 year me was most afraid of. On the other hand, he did want to become a fashion photographer — exotic locations, “interesting” models, creative freedom to do what you want and if it did not work could always be passed off as people not understanding where you came from, or not seeing what you represent. Sounds perfect and till date I do believe in it (while my Nikon D5200 gathers dust in the corner) though, I never followed that path.
I preferred taking the safer option, of perusing an MBA in Finance. Until I figured out what I want to do, I never did figure it out though, and I never had that one moment of inspiration or spark of brilliance. Though, I knew I did not want to be this robot that just lived for the weekends and dragged along from Monday to Friday. 
That’s when I decided to quit my job get out of the rat race and start something of my own. I know it sounds like everyone with a grudge has a startup these days. They are featured as much on page 3 as they are in economic times (expressing my creative freedom here, bear with me) but that’s not what I wanted. As risky as it might be, I just wanted to do what made me happy (why else would I dive into an eco-system which had a 90% fail rate) and I knew it wasn’t working in wealth management and fighting for that 2% increase in an HNI’s portfolio. 
In the pursuit of happiness and control.

Side Note: Working 90 hours/week right now to get away from working 45 hours/week :-)

Its my first post , looking forward to your feeback , the harsher the better.
-That Tall Guju