Void in her galaxies.

False Utopia; photo by Karl Sfeir

After few drinks, She got in her car trying to process long talks that filled her night with hurricanes and tornadoes.

She played songs loud as she drove fast on an empty highway turning city lights into blurry visions passing across her as she stood still; Adrenaline filled her system as her soul stayed calm fighting angry thoughts. Contradiction at its best; she was known for her paradoxes anyways.

She went up the mountains, she parked in the darkest spot and laid herself on the top of her car.

Stars were always her favorite in the world, she used to link them together with a virtual line to write words or draw faces, beautiful yet sad faces.

She adjusted her body, closed her eyes, took a deep breath before she goes into her favorite world.

And when she opened her eyes, she saw that the stars drew a shape of a man.

Her heart stopped. Her eyes opened wider as she admired the glowing outline the stars prepared for her that night.

She wanted to get closer to him, the man of her universe.

She got on her feet and slowly walked up the mountains, she could feel how close she was getting.

Once she reached the beautiful outline of the man she saw, she realized that what she thought is transparent and see through is nothing but void.

She was excited to dive deep in what she thought could be the beautiful transparency ready to be figured out and discovered but yet again, reality and disappointment tapped her shoulders so she turned back, walked towards the car, erased the outline from her sky and picked up the pen to see what is hidden for her next.

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