Why Does Everyone Hate Mercy?
Apple Cider

I will start by wearing my bias on my sleeve: I can’t stand modern feminism. I think it’s toxic and self-destructive. I think it weakens it own adherents and actively makes their lives worse by making them obsess over their perceived disadvantages and blame everything but themselves for any failing, real or self-perceived, that they may have.

Now that I’ve gotten that out of the way, I mained Mercy for a season, didn’t experience any hate. Most teams were glad to actually have a decent healer.

Since then I’ve shifted to being the cliche male Pharah player duoing with a female Mercy player partner, so I’ve been in basically every game he has, and seen basically every smattering of toxicity she’s ever received.

All the gendered shit I’ve ever seen her get, she got for the exact same kinds of things I got shit for when I was Mercy— ill timed rezzes, real or perceived failures to heal the right target at the right time, etc.

The only difference is that I get called faggot where as she gets called a slut. I get called retarded, she gets called ‘a useless fucking woman’.

Insults are always tailored to the target, intended to hit whatever the source thinks will impact the target hardest. This isn’t misogyny, this is misanthropy.

But… Mercy mains? Really?

They don’t get half as much shit as Hanzo mains. Or even Widowmaker mains.

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