Moving Forward

So much going on right now but i promise not to give in to anything. I am not going to go back to that dark place. I am only moving forward from here, i am not falling back or letting myself get held back.

These are the things that i think i can do to keep me from falling back into my hole;

Talk About It (Family & Friends): I always thought i was a burden to people, that i was disturbing them with my issues but as of right now, i am an open book to my best friend that i can call a sister and also to my boyfriend and my family. At this point, all the people i need in my life should be able to keep my positivity going, i do not need any negative energy around me and i do not need a man that would think i am too much baggage. I want a man that will want me with the baggage and all and i have found that man, that wants to be with me through the mood swings and temper outbursts.

Exercise & Eat Healthy: Yes, this has to be top on my list. I have to definitely try to eat as healthy as i can and work out at least 2–3 times a week because we all know taking care of my body and also physical activity helps the brain to release chemicals that can help with the mood.

Music: My playlist has been the best thing that has ever happened to me. Listening to someone sing in my ears and assure me everything is okay, motivate me to keep going and not drop my head helps me get through the worst of the worst.

Journal: This online platform is my personal online journal. I know its for posting stories and all but i want to use this to document my life.

Prayers: God, God, God. I will definitely be getting closer to God as he is the only one that can actually assure my success but he says “make an effort and i will help you” so i believe doing all the above things is my way of making an effort, my way of fighting for God to help me lift to my great potential.

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