Bring on the value — the main take-home from ITFMA

If you were one of the several hundred IT Financial Management professionals in attendance in San Antonio for the 2019 World of IT Financial Management you heard loud and clear from almost every session that the real “Win” for this discipline is the ability to discuss IT in terms of business value.

There were sessions that defined out a Technology Business Management (TBM) framework, sessions that discussed how to identify and meet the needs of your key stakeholders, sessions on how to leverage transparency for transformation- but all of them boiled down to ways to provide better views into business value. We were grateful to see practitioner sessions from Guidewell, the Veterans Administration. Medtronics, and Northrop Grumman Technologies all sharing their experiences. In every case, the audience lit up and the discussion got lively when the talk turned to value.

Were you at the conference last week? If so, what was your favorite session/best lesson learned?

Not able to make the conference? Pose your question about how to relate value and we will all do our best to share what we learned with specific examples while it is fresh in our minds.



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