Whose Value is it Anyway?

  • Reduced the number of servers from 64 to 2 that are used to provide mortgage related services. Processing time was reduced for new mortgage applications.
  • Found that storage was allocated to test servers that were no longer being used; allowing that storage to be re-allocated for other functions. This alleviated the need to procure additional storage for several months, consequently reducing wasteful spending.
  • Ability to sunset several applications that were not utilized by the organization; allowed for additional investment in revenue-producing applications, which improved customer experience.
  • Found that forcing usage of corporate SAP to an acquisition would have deteriorated that value of the acquisition ongoing.
  • Supported discussions about the need for growth of algorithm development by the business and co-designed best technology implementation to meet business needs while keeping costs low.



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Thavron Solutions

Thavron Solutions


We are a Services Management Consulting company assisting both outsourced service providers and internal corporate service providers drive value