Study shows Apple Watch could provide accurate and effective monitoring for mental health; Netherlands-based Usono develops an ultrasound accessory ProbeFix to improve reproducibility of ultrasound images

Photo: via Cambridge Cognition
A study funded by Takeda Pharmaceuticals suggested that Apple Watch and Cognition Kit could provide accurate cognitive assessments similar to standard CANTAB cognition test ; The study was conducted with 30 adults aged 19 to 63 years with mild to moderate major depressive disorder (MDD) over a course of six weeks.

The test results showed 96% compliance rate on cognition tests and a 94.6% compliance rate on mood tests; As well as moderate to high levels of correlation between the daily mood test results and patient-reported outcomes. (MobiHealthNews)

Netherlands-based Usono develops a ultrasound accessory ProbeFix, which can be used to improve reproducibility of ultrasound images; The system acts as a fixture for ultrasound probes on a patient’s chest, allowing doctors to free their hands during exams.

ProbeFix comes with modular probe adapters, which is compatible to any major cardiac ultrasound probes on the market; As well as with adjustable height and angle, allowing doctors to make precise measurements during the exams; Usono has received approval for CE mark and is working toward the FDA clearance. (medGadget)

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