your rules

There are really no rules in this game. You write them for yourself by trial and error. You can create beautiful rules. Playful rules. Play with them. Rules are a human made game. Handcrafted through the centuries. Rules are defining the limits and the way a game should be played and they need to be precise. They serve an important function. Limits setting. Boundaries laying. But you are not just a player in this game. It is given, for you to create. Hence, your own limits, definitions, rules have to be applied. And there is neither human nor God that can reprieve you of that existential right, of that existential duty. This is the meaning of a life. Set your own rules and live by them. Write them, rewrite them, expand them, break them, but they have to be yours. Borrowed rules, is borrowed life. We are here to define. To discover. To create. From nothing. To something. To nothing.

There are really no rules in this game, except some. Yours.